When: October 12, 13, 14 and 15th 2006.
- Mercado da Ribeira - Centro Luiz Freire - Casa do Turista / Olinda - Pernambuco


You can join the chat room of the conference. During the four days you'll be able to intervene through the chat room. Some people are around there also when there is no conference.

You can use the web interface available from indymedia's server, Just type a nickname and choose the room #submidialogia in the menu.

If you're using linux, you can use any chat program, such as gaim, xchat or irrc. Connect in the server irc.indymedia.org (by typing in the message toolbar of the program):

/server irc.indymedia.org

Then, join the submidialogia's chat room (by typing in the message toolbar of the program):

/join #submidialogia

If you use proprietary software, xchat is a good option (there are packages with the source code that need to be compiled and already compiled to that other operating system belonged to that billionaire man... What is his name? The richest in the world?)