When: October 12, 13, 14 and 15th 2006.
- Mercado da Ribeira - Centro Luiz Freire - Casa do Turista / Olinda - Pernambuco


Some years ago, the elements (ideas, conceptions, practices, people) that compose the current (so-called) Free Culture movement were appropriated by the bureaucrat and the capitalist. The ones that made use of the technologies and available media to the creation of actions that provided the debate on new perspectives of possible social arrangements (obtained by tools such as free licenses, networks of communication, open source software), are today digested by the old apparatuses and social mechanisms that once they have used and questioned. They participated, many times unconsciously, in a “socio-professional training” in order to occupy the same functions established for the maintainers of a system that is distant from what we imagine as a possible human grouping, even more distanced from freedom.

Moreover, this "class of the new" presents itself with difficulties to spread out practices and ideas when this work gets far from urban, technological, contemporary elements and a metropolitan conception, leaving a gap between the possibilities and a superficiality on the transforming potential of the available means and mediums. This fact blends the force of ideas, making them also dangerously useful for the ones they fight against. The dynamics become more banal, easy to be absorbed by the slavery of work and rationality.

It is not the technique that submits the production to the utilitarian, bureaucratic or exculpatory logic, but the lack of the transgressive conception of the actions in the production process. The questioning does not make a profound study of the scope of the labour world - as a critique to the essence of the exploration in a production process. The technical development does not liberate; quite the opposite, it intensifies the dependence and the submission of men and women to a logic that should be eliminated. The technology does not retake the debate to the right to laziness. It does not clearly point the contradiction in the production world... but yes, places the magic of the utilitarianism in a platform of raised sanctity, pure science, and makes from the capitalism fantasy their own shout of criticism.

The critique to the labor society requires learning to be fast, to sharpen and to direct critiques and actions; to be mutant in the sense of escaping from the regulations, those which the capitalism is the master in making. Power is different from force. And when collective and distributed, it loses its oppressive characteristic and becomes the path of multiple wills. Then, it appears the transforming critique and the action of ideas.

This way, many of the formats preached and used by the mentioned technological appropriators and the media - the submidiatics - are today in full use. At least to the numbers: 3,000 points of presence of digital inclusion, 600 points of culture production, 200 independent groups of media production, 3,000 people had showed up. Where exactly? This sudden appropriation by the governmental, artistic, academic and institutional (associations, education institutions, oscips etc) spheres look for, once again, disarticulating the ideas and practices that enable the autonomy of all submidiatics.

The capitalism, agile and powerful, acts as a remodeling factor of critiques and practices making the opposition practices forms of renaissance and resurrection. Thinking that what is in crisis is firstly the capitalism than its critique, can take us to incursion in recurrent error, giving still more elements for its survival. The critiques from 68 were transformed into companies manuals, the Indian skirts become fetishes in fashion shows, free software becomes valuable to technology companies.

Public politics thought to the collective knowledge production, access to information, distribution of the means of production and des-marginalization of social excluded deviate from its ministerial programs and, certainly, more than half of all the places for production, access, collective construction of knowledge and cultural sociability are far from functioning as real spaces of exchange, learning and discussion. Social institutions, their great majority, discover keywords in the speeches; they deconstruct them from their significant and reuse them as contents of stupendous projects and slogans of promotional material. Artistic institutions search for way out to the indifference of the common citizens towards the cultural elite – every time smaller - with the adaptation of popular art, art of the people. Or with the construction of small techno-scientific spectacles, where everything is attraction and fetish: transistors, lenses, monitors, hairs, and light.

It is necessary to think against the quickly consumable slogans and fetishes and to understand how the concepts must supplant them. The use of slogan is part of (des)intelligence process by the institutions and its arms and people. And it becomes part of the empty and receptive speech. Free culture, open knowledge become propaganda in shopping centers. The description and the effect erase the comprehension and critique.

Once more, cultural practices with subversion taste spread on the island of dr. moreau, and, as in the book, they are hunted with nets and dominated until their conditioning. And why not saying, esteem. In order to later becoming the guard dog. The culture of the oppressed, oppressing. It was not like that with the samba? the modernists? the tropicália? What once was a rebellion of action and ideals emerged from the collective realizations became tools to individual access to platforms of the rotten social hierarchy that needs to be constantly innovated and renewed to be maintained.

This way, we ask: how to move? What are the ideas and for the maintenance of a collaborative construction of knowledge and enlarger the social participation? How to plan future actions? And, mainly, how to continue the mimicking of the collaboration culture beyond the currency symbols, without the governmental and institutional propaganda? Do you know your enemy?

In order to debate these and other questions, Submidialogia#2, a laboratory for the radical practice of collaborative environment construction will be held in Olinda, Brazil. Lectures, laboratories of production, fm radio broadcast, television, the Internet, and the delicious chat with cachaça among @ll submidiatics.

the idea

At last, which is the IDEA that we have on acting in the Brazilian and international mechanics / electronic / digital means?

“what we really want, actually, is that the ideas become dangerous again”

The first Submidialogy conference, that took place in Campinas – SP, in October 2005, was derived of cooperation between India, Netherlands and diverse Brazilian groups. It was a joining of independent projects, the third sector, governmental, artistic and experimental to an international network of collaborators, searching above all to bring these different experiences to acknowledge each other. This year, it becomes an open festival, with lectures, production laboratories, fm radio broadcast, television, the Internet and the delicious chat with cachaça among @ll submiditics.

Submidialogy will aggregate talks, production and collaborative learning, as well as music, free radio, vj and independent media. These are some of the typical “tastes” that could be appreciated - without moderation - during the second edition of the conference.

Another characteristic of this festival is to investigate the social, cultural and political possibilities of the digital media, besides fomenting the dialogue (in)existent between theory - the scope of ideas, and the practices - the scope of actions. 

Subjects as much as formats are still under construction, but are located in the inter-sections of culture, communication, resistance, re-signification, media, technology, art and tactics. In the construction page and by the dicussion list, you can take part of it. We invite you to help to organize this subversion and thus to share our ideas in different contexts and times, aiming future perspective, exchange of experiences, concepts, critical production and, maost of all, fun!

Don’t be shy to forward this invitation to other people that would possibly be interested.