When: October 12, 13, 14 and 15th 2006.
- Mercado da Ribeira - Centro Luiz Freire - Casa do Turista / Olinda - Pernambuco


The medium constitute a power above all others. Submidialogy is about revolving the thinking and the acting model that is surrounding the technology information media. The conference is a debate that articulates networks, actions and thoughts around new ways of comprehending and practicing technology and culture. there is an unfolded part of the dialogue between operation and conception that the technology media impose to the culture. The debates about how, why and where to act are necessary if we aim to connect our experiences and perceptions and contribute to a new model of comprehension and practices in a world mediated by the technological resources.

The mediums are presented as potentialities to be explored by many kinds of ativities. Mean operations, productions, reproductions and transmissions to many goals: political, cultural, entertainment, educational etc. It's important to highlight the totalitarian and rational characteristic of the technology when it patterns, subjugates and demands a certain kinds of patterns, thoughts and templates. This makes the challenge of making the “technological society into an art work” a very hard step to be made.

It's our intention to fortify the links betwen people that are interested in the questions that have to do with the conference. So you can use this opportunity to exchange your productions. Don't forget to bring the material to the festival!

We would like to end the conference with projects and purposes, planns for exchanging ideas and material among the participants and plannings for new events (whether they'll be festivals, meetings, conferences, parties, publications, etc). We highlight the non specialist and transdisciplinary aspect of the conference, that aims not to fit in the formalism that is tradition in events and debates, unfocus the legitimacy of discourses and media practices that are repeated by professionals and tecnocrats.

Rack your brains.

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